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bow tie me up

Right now, there’s nothing sexier than a cute girl wearing a bow tie. Something about the convergence of classic and modern style and the gender overlap that makes it the perfect fashion statement and understated accessory.

Although bow ties reappeared on catwalks late last year, this particular trend has really only started creeping into the lesbian fashion scene over the last couple of months. Paired with the classic black and white suit, worn with a plaid shirt or simply strung around your neck above a singlet, nothing says style like a bow tie.

Get yours online from American Apparel or Etsy, or from the men’s accessory section of your local department store.

classic bow tie style

classic bow tie style

American Apparel

American Apparel bow tie - $19

femme bow tie

femme bow tie necklace - $15

Lesbians rockin’ the bow tie…

Quincey wears a bow tie, courtesy Elleni

Quincey wears a bow tie

Mackenzie Stone looking gorgeously chic

Mackenzie Stone in a bowtie