‘Lesbian Fashion’ doesn’t have to be an oxymoron. We’re not targeted to or catered for by designers like straight women, straight men and gay men are. So we have to discover our own style and mix and match until we find what we think looks hot, decide what we want to make a trend. This site is for lesbians who do like to think beyond jeans and a t-shirt when they get dressed, where we’ll post hints, tips and great fashion finds for girls who like to say ‘f*ck you’ to boring!

And since we always want to know what our favorite girls are up to, you’ll also find all your juicy celez news right here.

If you have any fashion finds or news you’d like to share, please send your tip to lesbianfashion@live.ca and we’ll post it.

Follow http://www.celezfashion.com on twitter – twitter.com/lesbianfashion.


3 responses to “about

  1. I have one tattoo- It’s by Stephanie Tamez. It’s a Tabasco bottle on my sho=
    ulder. I did it after my dog Tabasco died. =A0I can send a photo of it if y=
    ou want. Here’s a short video from the Stephanie’s Tattoo Salon in the East=

  2. I’ll send the link to your twitter- I think wordpress deleted it.

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