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Lucas Silveira’s candy skull tattoo


Lucas Silveira of The Cliks

Lucas Silveira

Lucas Silveira, lead guitarist and frontman for the awesomely-awesome band The Cliks, should be admired for a whole bunch of reasons. Not only is he the lead singer of a totally kick-ass (and mainstream!) band, he does it as a totally open transgendered man, never shying away from public discussion about his transition. It takes a lot of balls (no pun intended) to be who you are, especially when you have to do it publicly.

I’ve loved The Cliks for the past couple of years, ever since my girl introduced me to their song Oh Yeah, which ended up on repeat on my iPod for a solid 37 days. And after (finally!) watching season 4 of LA Ink over the weekend, I am now loving Lucas’ choice in tattoos!

Lucas Silveira's candy skull tattoo, by Kat Von D, LA Ink

Lucas Silveira's candy skull tattoo, by Kat Von D

I love tattoos! I plan to do a many more posts about them, and I think this one is incredible. Not only does it have a great significance to Lucas, it is a beautiful design by the great Kat Von D. The only problem with seeing this tattoo is how much is makes me want to get more myself. I guess that’s not really such a big problem is it?!