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a fashion icon and now a god

Alexander McQueen died today. He was discovered in his apartment in London, apparently having hung himself just a week after his mother passed away. My heart is broken.

alexander mcqueen

Alexander McQueen - he changed my world

In life, you live for those moments when you see something so beautiful it changes your world.  Seeing one of Alexander McQueen’s early pieces was one of those moments for me. As a teenager growing up in a sleepy coastal town, I was reading Vogue and dreaming about the big wide world when I flipped to a page featuring several Alexander McQueen designs. I remember gasping at how incredible, beautiful and utterly ridiculous they were and at that moment I discovered the true link between fashion and art. That moment changed the way I thought about fashion and about life generally, as I realised there was so much beauty to be seen and experienced by breaking away from everything you think you know, everything that should be, and everything you’ve always been told. By doing things your way, even when it could be the ‘wrong’ way, you could create something so totally and incredibly unique. This is what Alexander McQueen taught me and I’m sad that he is gone. I hope he is at peace now.

alexander mcqueen

utterly brilliant x