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Awesome ebay find: black Diesel 55DSL jeans

Anyone who has ever owned a pair of Diesel jeans knows great they feel and how good they make your butt look! I just found this pair of Diesel 55DSL skinny leg size 26/8 jeans, with a really cute zip detail at the pockets. They retail for about $200 and the bidding is at $30, with 3 hours to go so if you want them, get in quick!

Diesel jeansDiesel jeansDiesel jeans

Check out ebay to place your bid!


Lindsay Lohan’s naked photoshoot

OK, so that’s what they’re touting this as – Linday’s naked photoshoot. Truth is – she isn’t naked, but there is nipple (if you’re into that sorta thing)! The sometimesdyke, all-times party animal appears here on the cover of the January issue of Muse magazine in a racy Kate Moss/Johnny Depp inspired photo shoot called “Lindsay Lohan Exposed.” Don’t get too excited – her soul isn’t exposed, just her boobies. I’d love to talk about what she’s wearing, but since it isn’t all that much I’ll just let you enjoy the piccies.

Lindsay Lohans poses semi-naked for Muse

Lindsay Lohans poses semi-naked for Muse

Lindsay Lohans naked photoshoot

Crouching Lindsay, hidden nipple

Lindsay Lohans naked photoshoot

Lindsay Lohans naked photoshoot

smoking in a cute jacket

Lindsay Lohans naked photoshoot

If you ignore the guy in the background, this is kinda hot..

Lindsay Lohans naked photoshoot

stockings. jacket. nipple. thank you.

See more pics at

Ruby Rose looking hot… again

This is for all the girls who appreciate hot lesbians.

Blonde Ruby Rose

Blonde Ruby Rose - she's owning the new 'do!

You’re welcome!

Marc Jacobs 4 Marriage Equality t-shirt

Marc Jacobs wants marriage equality and he isn’t afraid to say so… or print it on a t-shirt and hang it in the window of his store in New York City! I came across this awesome t while in the Meat Packing District during the Sex And The City tour, and just had to have it. Available for only $25 and made from 100% cotton, the t-shirt makes a statement in more ways than one – it says “I can be stylish” AND “I want gay marriage!”

Marc Jacobs t-shirt - "I pay my taxes, I want my rights"

Marc Jacobs t-shirt - "I pay my taxes, I want my rights"


new Tegan & Sara merchandise

Love Tegan & Sara? Of course you do, you’re lesbian! Well our fave gifted twinsome are about to release new merch for the new Sainthood tour. Get your new t’s, hoodies, scarfs and much, much more at the Tegan and Sara online store in a few days time!

Here’s a sneak peak…

Tegan & Sara t-shirt

Tegan and Sara hoodieTegan & Sara T-shirt