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Fun, Fearless, Female Ruby Rose

Australia’s favorite totally out-and-proud female VJ (and absolute hottie!), Ruby Rose, attended Cosmopolitan’s  Fun, Fearless, Female Women of the Year Awards last night, and she looked gorgeous as usual. My one complaint – her LBD (little black dress) didn’t show off nearly enough of her tattoos!!

Lesbian VJ ruby Rose

More info and photos from the awards here.


Tegan and Sara announce Vancouver show!

Tegan and Sara will be performing with special guests, the awesome Australian band An Horse, at the Orpheum Theatre on January 6th, 2010! Pre-sale tickets are available from tomorrow, with the rest of the tix to go on sale  on October 2.


with special guests An Horse

January 6 – The Orpheum

Tegan and Sara

One of the most celebrated and Beloved forces in modern music, Canadian pop-rock icons Tegan and Sara will release their eagerly awaited sixth studio album, entitled SAINTHOOD, on October 27th on Sire/Vapor Records/Warner Music Canada. The first single “Hell” will be available serviced to radio on October 2nd and will be available on iTunes on October 6, 2009.
SAINTHOOD was produced by Death Cab for Cutie’s Chris Walla (who also produced 2007’s critically applauded THE CON) and Howard Redekopp (who produced 2004’s groundbreaking effort SO JEALOUS) and mixed by Grammy Award winner Dave Sardy (Oasis, Primal Scream, Marilyn Manson).

The follow-up to 2007’s THE CON, SAINTHOOD addresses secular themes of devotion, delusion, and exemplary behavior in the pursuit of love and relationships. The songs, Tegan and Sara say, were “inspired by emotional longing and the quiet actions we hope may be noticed by the objects of our affection. SAINTHOOD is about obsession with romantic ideals. In the service of relationships we practice being perfect. We practice our SAINTHOOD in the hope that we will be rewarded with adoration. As we are driven to become anything for someone else, we sometimes become martyrs for our cause.

Love, like faith, can never be held in an individual’s hands. But the story of a great love affair – especially one that is unrequited or has ended too soon – can be woven like scripture or a bedtime story. And so the themes of SAINTHOOD are tied together by this simple title, borrowed, with great respect, from the lyrics of the Leonard Cohen song ‘Came So Far For Beauty’: ‘I practiced all my SAINTHOOD / I gave to one and all / But the rumors of my virtue / They moved her not at all.’”

Tegan and Sara began recording SAINTHOOD in May at the legendary Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, CA, where Tom Petty, Nirvana, and Fleetwood Mac have all recorded. They finished laying down tracks at Seattle’s Two Sticks Audio, owned by Death Cab drummer Jason McGerr.

Tegan and Sara have also recently completed their first ever set of books, titled ON, IN, AT. The three-book set chronicles different time periods in writing and photographs from the past year of Tegan and Sara‘s lives: their 2008 US national tour, their 2009 Australian tour, and a joint writing session in New Orleans for the new album. The books will be released in conjunction with the SAINTHOOD pre-sale, with more information coming soon at

The Real L Word: Los Angeles

It seems all the talk of a reality version of The L Word is true! Word of the new series, The Real L Word: Los Angeles,  first surfaced back in February when Daily Variety announced that The L Word creator Ilene Chaiken would be producing a new series that would follow 6 real-life lesbians living and loving in LA. Well they’re now calling for cast members so if you live in LA, or would be willing to relocate, and think you are sexy, sassy and charming enough to keep audiences entertained, email with a recent photo and info about you.

Personally, I can’t wait to see who thinks they’re a real-life Shane!

full story:

Ditto rocks out in pink

Much-loved lesbian rocker Beth Ditto has shown that she can make any piece of clothing look cool when she sported this pink polo at a recent performance. My general opinion of polo shirts is they make a great uniform, but shouldn’t really be worn off the field or retail floor, but I think Beth tends to look awesome in anything she wears so rock on girlfriend!

beth ditto

PS. If you’re reading this Beth, your new album Music for Men is killer!

spitting isn’t very nice

UK rapper Lady Sovereign was partying at Brisbane gay and lesbian bar, The Beat, where she got into an ‘altercation’ and was kicked out by the bouncers, one of whom she allegedly spat on. She was held in the police watch house overnight and released in the morning, after being ordered to pay the fine. Luckily no conviction was recorded. She was in town to perform at the Parklife music festival.

lady Sovereign

cabbie hat, cabbie hat

Yay for Fall! and Yay for hats that are perfect for Fall! Cabbie hats have made a big comeback this year, which is great because you can pretty much find a style or color to suit any outfit. From plaid, corduroy and check to striped and good old reliable black, the cabbie hat looks great with a suit on your way to work or really cute with jeans and retro t-shirt. If you’re shopping online, try searching for cabbie,  golf or newsboy hats – they’re all similar.

My one tip – wear it straight! the backwards, sidewards, slightly off-center look isn’t really a ‘look’ right now.

golf cabbie

Most department stores and several boutiques are stocking variations of the cabbie hat – I saw a big range in Sears and Guess was modeling them in the window. I picked mine up at H&M for $10. apple-hat-newsboy-cap

square-toed dress shoes

About 6 months ago, one of my good friends arrived at my apartment ready for a night out wearing tight-ish jeans, a black shirt and white squared-toed dress shoes. It looked HOT. I’d never seen a girl wearing men’s square-toed dress shoes and she was totally pulling them off. As a shoe lover (heels, sneakers, gumboots – anything!) I felt like a whole new world of shoe options had just opened up and I just had to find a pair of my own!

Now these shoes have been everywhere for a couple of years now, so I thought it would be as simple as going to my favorite outlet shopping center and taking my pick of the bunch. If only it were that simple! I found the shoes no problem, but ran into a huge hurdle when I discovered men’s shoes only go as small as a size 6. I’m a size 7 in women’s, which is a size 5 in men’s and apparently most shoe manufacturers just don’t go that small. I tried the 6, but they looked like clown shoes and so, after searching through every store in town, I went home and moped.

For the next 6 months, it became an obsession. I couldn’t go past a shoe shop without going in “just to see” if they had my shoes. I tried department stores, boutiques, leather stores, and even online – ebay became a daily hunting ground. I even tried to find them in a kid’s size, but found they became more functional than fashionable. I’d all but given up and decided that I’d have to have a pair made if I ever made it to Thailand or India. Would the trip be worth it?? They’d want to be awesome shoes!

Fortunately, a trip to India wasn’t required as all my shoe-dreams came true while shopping in Vancouver. And it wasn’t at a boutique or department store – it was at Payless For Shoes! They actually had a small section for size 5 shoes and had one single pair of black square-toed dress shoes. Of course I bought them immediately and asked about additional styles and colors. They only carry black so the hunt for white, cream, red and brown size 5 square-toed men’s shoes continues so if you know of anywhere, please let me know!

The shoes were CAD$55+tax and are a perfect fit for my size 7 feet. I wore them with my skinny black stonewash jeans (no belt) and white tank top, silver necklace and my new black watch. I think the minimal accessories really put the focus on the shoes. You can check out the Payless website for more styles in size 5 and above.

Men's dress shoes small size

Men's dress shoes small size 2